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Lion Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd is an experienced company successfully catering the hi-tech Rubber Products requirements by the Maritime Industry, Hydropower Industry and Construction Industry.

Lion Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd., is a manufacturer of heavy duty Marine Rubber Fenders like Cylindrical Fenders, D type Fenders, Square Fenders, Rectangular Fenders, W Fenders, Key Hole Fenders, Wing Fenders, Delta Fenders etc. for Tugs, up to 90 Ton Bollard Pull and above, OSVS, AHTS, MSVíS, PSVíS etc. Also Fenders for Boats, Barges, Jetty, Marina, Jack Up Rigs / Platforms can be catered, as per customised formats. These Fenders are sold under the brand name of Lion Fenders.

Lion Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd., also specializes in manufacturing of Rubber Dam Gate Seals like , Musical Note type rubber seal , J type rubber seal, P type rubber seal, Bulb type rubber seal, Flat seal, Wedge seal, Centre Bulb seal, Double Stem Seal, TEFLON Cladded rubber seals, PTFE Cladded rubber seals, Brass Cladded Rubber Seals, Stainless Steel Cladded rubber seals, for Radial Gates, Stop log Gates, Vertical Lift Gates, Sluice Gates, Spill Way Gates, Surge Shat Gates etc., and claims the top most position in the manufacturing of quality seals within Indian Boundaries. These Seals are sold under the brand name of Lion Seals.

Lion Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd., marks its presence in the Traffic Control Industry as well.Traffic Safety Products like Rubber Speed Bumps, Column Guards, Wall Guards, Dock Bumpers, Rubber Bumpers, Parking Blocks, Wheel Stoppers, etc., developed with extensive R & D are catered to the Construction Industry. These products are sold under the brand name of Lion Safety Products.

All Lion Brand Products are fabricated with latest elastomeric techniques by Molding and Extrusion manufacturing methods, in accordance with ISO-9001 standards, as per the product design and type, meeting all the technical values of physical and chemical properties such as Hardness, Tensile Strength, and Elongation, Compression Set, Finishing etc from Natural Rubber, SBR Rubber, EPDM Rubber and Chloroprene Rubber etc., as per IS, ASTM and BS standards as per clientís requirement.

Lion Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. also facilitates door to door delivery logistics from one of its own group company, on DDP / DDU basis offering the best logistics prices in the world.

Lion Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you and invites your esteemed inquiry along with complete technical details and quantity requirements for a free quote. You can reach us on Office nos. 7888052226 / 7888052227, Fax nos. +91 (250) 2480424 / (022) 66939453 or Email us on /

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